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A house, an addition, a kitchen— these are the residential settings in which we go about the rituals of daily life. We live intimately with architecture, 24/7. Our spaces ought to be thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. Details matter.

We believe that form does more than simply follow function. Architectural form responds. It responds to the environment — sun angles, the prevailing breeze, topography, view, the change of seasons. It responds to the patterns of living that take place inside. The exterior form of a house responds to its interior. And vice-versa.

We are problem solvers. That said, problem-solving — while necessary — is not sufficient. There must also be passion. Actors or musicians who give everything they have in a performance know this — their passion is received and returned in applause. The audience is energized, lifted, more alive.

Architecture conveys its passion in silence. When, say, the proportions of a space evoke a sense of well-being. Or when a handrail feels great in your hand and turns elegantly at the top of a stair. Or when sunlight slants across a facade. Architecture is often perceived subliminally. It can do its work beneath consciousness, without calling attention to itself at first. It reveals its passion over time.