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Our work, as we’ve already said, integrates design thinking and technical skill.

But what is design thinking? Unlike engineering, where a singular answer to a problem can be found through a linear and analytical process, design thinking is iterative. It begins with empathy. We listen to, absorb, and reflect on the needs and wishes that our clients present to us. There is never just one solution, nor is there always a single best solution — instead, there are multiple solutions, each better in different ways. We sort through the options critically. Intuition plays a role. The eventual solution sometimes just feels right, and if it is right, it will have a certain clarity that should be evident without too much explanation.

And technical skill? That’s something we’ve acquired through years of experience. You have to have sustained curiosity about how things work (that’s the research part). Not least, it requires the willingness to take pains, resourcefully and creatively, to get the intended result.

This is what we do. It’s what we love to do.